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Aaron McPeake:

Winner of Adam Reynolds Memorial Bursary 2013

Residency at Spike Island Bristol

January, February and March 2014


26 April - 27 October 2013
Extended into 2014

Garden Commission
Camden Arts Centre
London (read more)

Spike Island Bell (2014)

Spike Island Bell audio  

Ceramic Bells (2011)

Bronze bells shown include Untitled (Wishes 1 - 4) and Bullet Bells

Untitled (Wishes 1 - 4) first shown in Rootstein Hopkins Parage Ground, London 2010: This work alludes to the East Asian temple traditions of bells with wind flags, donated and hung by pilgrims, ringing in the wind and speaking the many wishes of intercession intended for those in need.

Bullet Bells (2009) were made by upcycling 9mm shells and offcuts of oak sleepers (bells measure 24cm diameter each).


Singing Bowls

Singing Bowls, bell bronze (2010 - ongoing)

In asking, “who is listening?” you are at first conscious
of the question as well as the sound. When the questioning penetrates deeper, you cease to be aware of it. So when a bell rings it is only the bell listening to
the sound of the bell. Or to put it another way, it is the
sound of yourself ringing.

From: Kapleau, P. (1965) The Three Pillars of Zen.